Bohorquez Architecten
About Us

About Us

Bohorquez Architecten was established on the Caribbean island of Curacao in 2003 by David Bohorquez. Presently we are one of the five largest architectural firms on the island.


We stand for:
• Excellence & Efficiency
• Knowledge & Skills
• Complete Service Solutions
• Customer Orientation
• Teamwork


Our team consists of:
• Architects • Design Concepts, 3D
• Project Managers • Project management and sourcing, purchasing and budget management.
• Engineers • 3D Visualization / Drafting
• Office/Account Managers • Account management, customer, partners and suppliers relations.


Work Method & Experience:
Our work methods differ from others. We develop our designs in 3D from the start of the project. The way we use 3D is not only as a presentation tool but we virtually build the building in 3D including all construction details. This allows us to make all technical drawings directly from this 3D model, which assures us a high degree of accuracy; you can see it as our self developed BIM method. Design wise we specialize in commercial architecture and urban design, and due to the touristic nature of our location we have most experience in the hospitality sector. Over the years we have also realized a range of residential and commercial projects for the local market.


Local Cooperation:
We are very glad to be able to inform you about our local network, which primarily consists of decision makers at governmental institution like Domeinbeheer (domain management), DOW (department of public works), the ministry for Transport and Regional Development and the DROV (Department of Housing and Planning) whom have asked us take on an advising role in a number of large scale urban design projects.

Furthermore we maintain excellent relationships with a number of specialist consultants, like: Civil Engineers, Constructors, Interior Architects, Accountants and Risk Analysts, and Marketing Specialist.

We have worked on various projects with all the large and with the best of the smaller scale builders on the island. And finally we have an extended network of suppliers for all types of building materials as well as interior features and furniture.